Best time for peak climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing Season

Nepal is home of thousands of small to highest mountain peaks. The snow capped mountain peaks ranges from 5500 meters. Climbing the easy to challenging highest peak all need comfortable weather and condition to climb. The mountains are dangerous to climb in very hot, rainy or cold season. Snow fall can be the cause of life finish in winter. So, climbing a peak in Nepal Himalayas is best in spring and autumn season. It is the proven fact that climbing in autumn and spring season has high summit success records till.

Spring Season:

Spring is the major climbing season for all kinds of peaks and trekking in Nepal. In spring the weather is warm enough and views are clear. The chances of rain or cloud are less in compare to other time. Spring season is the best peak climbing season because of warm weather, not so much snow deposited. The spring season ranges from March to May for three months. Mount Everest, Lhotse, Manaslu, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Mera, Island and other several peaks are climbed in spring in high ratio.

The wind speed might be the problem for this season but talking consideration of all kinds of factors, spring is the best climbing time for the Himalayas of Nepal.

Autumn Season:

Amadablam ExpeditionThe autumn season starts from late September and ends at early December. It is the second best time for peak climbing adventure in Nepal. The beautiful lush green hills of the lower part of mountains and the crystal clear Himalayas are the major highlights of this season. After the rainy season, the weather is cool enough for climbing. Not so cold and not so hot, autumn is the best time for enjoying views of clear nature and suitable time for climbing the mountains. Manaslu expedition is the best time in autumn.

There are enough records of successful climbing to the 8000 meters and less mountain in the autumn season. The perfect weather with comfortable climbing routes with less danger snow slides in the autumn gives more changes of successful summit over the Himalayas.

Although winter and rainy season are not recommend time for climbing in Nepal, some successful records of summiting 6000 meters to 7000 meters peak. Finally as a mountain climbing operator, we suggest the autumn and spring season for the climbing of high Himalayas.

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