Teahouse Trekking in Nepal

Planning Teahouse Trek in Nepal

We organize teahouse trekking in Nepal. Teahouse trekking is probably the most popular style of trekking in Nepal where you stay and eat in local lodges, is of course much cheaper compare to organised camping trek. Local lodges in most of the popular trekking trails have now so improved. Lodges are more comfortable than tents, certainly if it snows or rain; in the addition, there is the large dining room-cum lounge, warmed by the stove where trekkers can while away the long evenings, making friends and chatting with fellow trekkers from around the world until dinner is served.

At almost all tea houses food is all the same. A typical breakfast menu at local tea houses in popular trekking trails may include pancakes served with peanut butter or honey; porridge; egg items (scrambled, boiled, fried, omelette); bread , or some varieties of the above. Similarly for a typical lunch and dinner, there will be about a similar set menu of dal bhat, pasta, pizza, soup, momos, other rice and noodle based dishes are served. Other than dal bhat, expect to find the following varieties for your lunch/dinner: soup, noodles, potato and a range of other items like pizza, pasta, spring rolls, momos, etc. Some places even serve desserts, especially in a well-established stop along the route. Food is relatively expensive on the trail because almost all commodities have to be brought up from town below.

Most lodges are very basic with small rooms, with mostly twin beds, but some with three or more beds. The rooms are spare: no additional furniture usually apart from the beds, no attached bath, and with wooden wall that are not soundproof. Blankets are generally provided but might not live up to your expectation of cleanliness. Most lodges now have electric lighting, usually solar powered. The rooms may be fitted with a dim low-watt bulb but the dining rooms are always well lighted.

Most tea houses in the popular Annapurna and Everest region have cold showers available. There are few new tea houses have hot water showers but it will cost you extra cost of around $4.

What Tea House trekking includes:

- Trekking permit

- Entry Permit for Conservation / National Park

- Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) card

- Trekking guide

- Porter/s

- All surface transportation where ever applicable

- Flight where ever applicable

- All meals 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

- Accommodation in tea houses (lodges)

- Necessary equipment such as sleeping bags, good down jackets, etc.

- Rescue Assistance

- Necessary insurance for trekking staff

- First Aid kit

- Airport pick up and drop off service

Tea House Trek in Nepal

When you book a tea house trekking with us, We take care of everything like your meals, places to stay so you can focus 100% on the trekking experience and enjoy the breathtaking mountain views, awe-inspiring natural and unique natural wonders.

What to pack for Tea house treks list:


Please note that there is no real laundry opportunity on the trekking trail so your clothes will be dirty and smelly in the end.

One pair of shoes.

One pair of crocs, to walk around in after your done with hiking for the day.

Two pairs of shorts.

Trekking trousers for the evenings.

Thermal underwear.

Trekking shirts short sleeve.


Trekking socks.

Fleece sweater.

Down jacket.

Wind and waterproof jacket.

Hats and gloves.


Two water bottles for refilling.

Headlamp, it gets dark very early.

Sunglasses, the sun is very strong.

Sleeping bag, It’s not necessary since every guest house on the way will provide blankets.

First Aid:

Life System first aid kid.

Tiger Balm.


Diamox, for altitude even I have never needed it.

Water purification tablets. There´s a lot of river on the way.

Sports Tape.

Blister band-aids.


Toilet paper.

Small bottle of shampoo.

Microfiber towel.

Wet Wipes.


Toothpaste and toothbrush.

If you have any question or need any assistance, please write us.


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